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Status change
Current StatusNameTool IdCategoryWarning/Down message
WarningWet Bench (KOH / HF)PC19Wet process & preparationBath B is out of function due to a leak.
WarningRTPPD15Thermal processNo process above 500C is allowed.
WarningOptical MicroscopePM17MetrologyThe scale is incorrect (for all objectives). Not possible to do measurments.
WarningCZTS sputterPT20Thin film depositionGlove box installation in progress. There is no disruption to using BEA at the moment, but make sure to coordinate with the other users when planning runs or maintenance.
WarningICP-RIE (Si-DRIE / aluminum etch)PE01Dry etchRight side not Working. Do not use oxygen cleaning at all for right chamber!
WarningPlasmastripper "Upper"PE04Dry etchCan only be run in manual mode. See instruction at machine.
Down2-photon writerPA01Additive manufacturingThe laser unit needs to be replaced. The machine will be serviced during the week 22-26/04.
DownVertical Furnace - LPCVD (TEOS oxide)PD10Thermal processPumps on poly-Si PD08. Vacuum pump oil levels need to be checked before every run. Contact MSL prior to run.
DownICP-RIE (Si-DRIE) "Tegal"PE07Dry etchCommunication problem between electronic devices. Certain deposition recipes works, however. Contact tool responsible if need to use it.
AvailablePick-&-Place (w. dispenser)PB06Backend process 
AvailableScreen PrinterPB07Backend process 
AvailableHydraulic Press (w. heater)PB08Backend process 
AvailableSolder FurnacePB09Backend process 
AvailableResist LaminatorPB10Backend process 
AvailableUV ExposurePB11Backend process 
AvailableResist FurnacePB12Backend process 
AvailableInk Jet PrinterPB13Backend process 
AvailableDip CoaterPC44Wet process & preparation 
AvailableSpray EtcherPC45Wet process & preparation 
AvailableParylene CoaterPD16Thermal process 
AvailableHT Furnace - atmPD17Thermal process 
AvailablePlasma EtcherPE08Dry etch 
AvailableMeasuring Microscope with Digital ReadoutPM24Metrology 
AvailableStereo MicroscopePM25Metrology 
AvailableX-Ray Inspection StationPM26Metrology 
AvailableResist Furnace (90 C)PL15Lithography 
AvailableOptical MicroscopePL35Metrology 
AvailableUltrasonic CleanerAP33Sample preparation 
AvailableFurnaceAT15Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) 
AvailablePolisherAT16Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) 
AvailableSputter - magnetron "Lesker"PT09Thin film deposition 
AvailableCIGS evaporator - BAKPT10Thin film deposition 
AvailableEvaporator - UMSPT11Thin film deposition 
AvailableSpin-Rinse-DryerPC47Wet process & preparation 
AvailableMo sputter - MRC IIPT13Thin film deposition 
AvailableScriberPB14Backend process 
AvailableE-beam/resisitive evaporator - BAPT14Thin film deposition 
AvailableFume Hood - CBDPC48Wet process & preparation 
AvailableALD - F120PT15Thin film deposition 
AvailableTube Furnace - pipe 1PD19Thermal process 
AvailableSulfoselenisation Furnace (SuSe)PD20Thermal process 
AvailableSputter - magnetron ZnO/CZTSPT16Thin film deposition 
AvailableLaminatorPB15Backend process 
AvailableImage Reversal / Vapor Prime FurnacePL36Lithography 
AvailableALDPT17Thin film deposition 
AvailableSEM/EDS/EBSD - MerlinAS05Scanning electron Microscopy (SEM) 
AvailableNanoindenterAU06Surface analysis 
AvailableVacuum Leak TesterPO01Other processes 
AvailableFume hood – solventsFC06Wet process & preparation 
AvailableFume hood – acidsFC09Wet process & preparation 
AvailableEBL (e-beam litho) - NBLPL37Lithography 
AvailableResist spinnerPL38Lithography 
AvailableSpectroscopic reflectometer "K-MAC"PM31Metrology 
AvailableIon Polisher IlionAP34Sample preparation 
AvailableStylus Profiler "DektakXT"PM32Metrology 
AvailableVacuum storage (large)PO03Other processes 
AvailableVacuum storage (small)PO04Other processes 
AvailableALD - MP3PT19Thin film deposition 
AvailableSputter - DC / RFPT23Thin film deposition 
AvailableIon mill PIPSAT19Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) 
AvailableExtruderPA03Additive manufacturing 
AvailableEBL (e-beam litho) - JEOLPL40Lithography 
AvailableUHV-PVDPT24Thin film deposition 
AvailableRIE (SiO / SiN)PE06Dry etch 
AvailableSputter - magnetron "Von Ardenne"PT01Thin film deposition 
AvailableOptical MicroscopePM01Metrology 
AvailableOptical MicroscopePM02Metrology 
AvailableOptical MicroscopePM03Metrology 
AvailableEllipsometer "Rudolph"PM12Metrology 
AvailableWire Bonder - ballPB19Backend process 
AvailableResist LaminatorPB16Backend process 
AvailableWet Bench - solvent cleaningPL27Lithography 
AvailableSEM/EDS - 1530AS06Scanning electron Microscopy (SEM) 
AvailableDiamond polishingAT17Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) 
AvailableFume Hood – KCNPC51Wet process & preparation 
AvailableGlass substrate cleanerPC52Wet process & preparation 
AvailableTEM/EDS - TitanAT18Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) 
AvailableESCA IIAX02Chemical analysis 
AvailableIon Beam EtcherPE10Dry etch 
AvailableALD - inSEPT21Thin film deposition 
Available3D Optical Profiler ZYGOAU07Surface analysis 
AvailableOptical microscopePL39Lithography 
AvailableIon Beam EtcherPE11Dry etch 
AvailableLaser cutterPB17Backend process 
AvailableTCO sputterPT18Thin film deposition 
AvailableXRFAX03Chemical analysis 
AvailableGDOESAX04Chemical analysis 
AvailableSpectroscopic ellipsometerPM33Metrology 
AvailablePCB plotterPB18Backend process 
AvailablePL / EL Quantum YieldPM34Metrology 
AvailableFIB/SEM - CrossbeamAF02Focused ion beam (FIB) 
AvailableSputter - table-topPT22Thin film deposition 
AvailableFour Point ProbePM35Metrology 
AvailablePlasmastripper "New Lower"PE12Dry etch 
AvailableLOM - Leica DVM6 - Optical MicroscopeAU08Surface analysis 
AvailableSpin-Rinse-DryerPC53Wet process & preparation 
AvailableIR cameraPM18Metrology 
AvailableSaw - low speedAP01Sample preparation 
AvailableSawAP02Sample preparation 
AvailableEmbedderAP03Sample preparation 
AvailableWet GrinderAP05Sample preparation 
AvailablePolisherAP06Sample preparation 
AvailablePolisherAP07Sample preparation 
AvailableSputter Coater - Au/PdAP16Sample preparation 
AvailableEvaporator (C)AP17Sample preparation 
AvailableUltrasonic CleanerAP28Sample preparation 
AvailableHot PlateAP31Sample preparation 
AvailableBalanceAP32Sample preparation 
AvailableLOM - Olympus - Optical MicroscopeAU03Surface analysis 
AvailableAFM - PSIA XE150AU04Surface analysis 
AvailableSEM/EDS - 1550AS02Scanning electron Microscopy (SEM) 
AvailableUltrasonic Disc CutterAT04Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) 
AvailablePolisherAT05Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) 
AvailableDimple GrinderAT07Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) 
AvailableIon Mill PIPSAT08Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) 
AvailablePlasma CleanerAT09Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) 
AvailableUltrasonic CleanerAT12Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) 
AvailableHot PlateAT13Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) 
AvailableFour Point Probe - automaticPM21Metrology 
AvailableVertical Furnace (high temp anneal)PD05Thermal process 
AvailableDicing SawPB01Backend process 
AvailableWire Bonder - ballPB02Backend process 
AvailableWire Bonder - wedgePB03Backend process 
AvailableEvaporator - TMP (general use)PT07Thin film deposition 
AvailableEvaporator - cryo (restricted use)PT08Thin film deposition 
AvailablePlating Station - pulse (Cu)PC42Wet process & preparation 
AvailableStylus Profiler "Dektak 150"PM22Metrology 
AvailableMask Aligner - front / back side alignPL03Lithography 
AvailableSpin CoaterPL08Lithography 
AvailableSpin CoaterPL09Lithography 
AvailableSpin CoaterPL10Lithography 
AvailableHot PlatePL11Lithography 
AvailableHot PlatePL12Lithography 
AvailableHot PlatePL13Lithography 
AvailableVac. / Vap. Prime FurnacePL14Lithography 
AvailableResist FurnacePL18Lithography 
AvailableWet Bench / E-beam resist spinnerPL20Lithography 
AvailableWet Bench / E-beam resist hot-platePL21Lithography 
AvailableWet Bench / E-beam resist developmentPL22Lithography 
AvailableWet Bench - acidPL23Lithography 
AvailableWet Bench - acidPL24Lithography 
AvailableWet Bench - work deskPL25Lithography 
AvailableWet Bench - Water rinsePL26Lithography 
AvailableMask Aligner - front side alignPL04Lithography 
AvailableResist Furnace (110 C)PL16Lithography 
AvailableSpin-Spray CoaterPL31Lithography 
AvailableWet Bench (KOH-IPA / HF / warm rinse)PC20Wet process & preparation 
AvailableWet Bench - acid drain, spin dryerPC22Wet process & preparation 
AvailableVertical Furnace (oxidation)PD01Thermal process 
AvailableVertical Furnace (oxidation)PD02Thermal process 
AvailableVertical Furnace (general purpose)PD03Thermal process 
AvailableVertical Furnace (metal anneal)PD07Thermal process 
AvailableVertical Furnace - LPCVD (poly-Si, a-Si)PD08Thermal process 
AvailableVertical Furnace - LPCVD (Si3N4, SiNx)PD09Thermal process 
AvailableWet Bench Etch and stripPC01Wet process & preparation 
AvailableWet Bench Acid surface treatmentsPC02Wet process & preparation 
AvailableWet Bench (RCA1 / RCA2 / HF)PC03Wet process & preparation 
AvailableWet Bench (RCA1 / RCA2 / HF)PC04Wet process & preparation 
AvailableWet Bench Solvent cleanPC05Wet process & preparation 
AvailableWet Bench Resist lift-offPC06Wet process & preparation 
AvailableWet Bench Oxide etchingPC07Wet process & preparation 
AvailableWet Bench Piranha PC08Wet process & preparation 
AvailableWet Bench Metal etchingPC09Wet process & preparation 
AvailableWet Bench - Megasonic cleaningPC10Wet process & preparation 
AvailableWet Bench - Ultrasonic cleaningPC11Wet process & preparation 
AvailablePC12 - wet bench - StanglPC12Wet process & preparation 
AvailableWet Bench - free acid / acid drain (KOH)PC18Wet process & preparation 
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