Welcome to LIMS - Ångström Microstructure Laboratory, Uppsala

This system is developed within the Myfab network and is shared by the Ångström Microstrucure Laboratory at Uppsala University, the Electrum Laboratory at KTH and the Nanofabrication Laboratory at Chalmers.

To browse the equipment list, please go to Tools => All tools in the menu bar above.

To find a list of instruments within the Ångström Laboratory, but outside the Ångström Microstructure Laboratory (essentially outside the cleanroom) please visit http://lims.eqp.angstrom.uu.se/default.aspx.

User Access

The procedure for obtaining laboratory access consists of the following three steps:

  1. Approval from responsible supervisor must be reported to MSL (msl@angstrom.uu.se).
  2. The on-line application form ("user access") must becompleted and submitted.
  3. Only if steps 1 & 2 have been fulfilled: The compulsory user introduction seminar must be attended.

If an extended (LithoChem) access is requested this must be expressed in the supervisor approval (1) and the additional chemical safety seminar must be attended (3).

The seminars will be given in the MSL conference room every second week (usually Tuesday), with breaks for summer and Christmas / New Year, starting at 9:00 (general user introduction – compulsory to all users) and 13:00 (chemical safety – compulsory for LithoChem access). Current schedule (preliminary):

Oct     6 / 20
Nov    3 / 17
Dec    1 / 15

The lab access is no more than a permission to enter the cleanroom. In order to get access to a specific tool, one or several training sessions should be scheduled with the tool responsible engineer (see equipment list). When the operators licence has been granted the user is free to book and use the equipment.

Previous users, returning after a period of absence / inactivity, should not fill in the application form as they are already registered in the LIMS system and only have to be reactivated. However, if the inactivity period exceeds 12 months, all introductions (seminars / operator training) must be repeated.

If you have technical problems or questions about Myfab LIMS please contact:
Örjan Vallin on 018-471 7254 or by mail: orjan.vallin@angstrom.uu.se