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PT04 - Plasma Enhanced CVD

The Oxford 133 is a PECVD equipment fitted with two RF radio frequency generators,  for low and  high frequencies, to induce and modulate a plasma in the process gas. The radio frequency radiation is coupled into the low pressure gas to ionize the gas and disassociate the molecules into more reactive species. Typical temperatures are in the interval 200-400°C.This equipment uses SiH4, highly diluted in N2, and NH3 to deposit silicon nitride and to deposit silicon oxide it uses SiH4 and N20.

A loadlock allows loading and unloading without breaking the vacuum in the process chamber. The equipment is compatible with substrates up to 150 mm wafers. The loadlock and process chambers are pumped with rotary vane pumps for low pressure operation.

Some standard recipes are available and provided by MSL. Some common CVD processes, not characterized by MSL, may still be allowed to run in the equipment. If a modified process is requested, MSL must be consulted.

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3R44 - ets / tunnfilm
Thin film deposition
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3 hours
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14 hours
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