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Von Ardenne Magnetron Sputter

The CS730S is a magnetron sputter system that has been devised for depositions of layers or layer system on substrates of up to 150mm in diameter and 4mm in thickness. Sputtering is performed with a RF (radio frequency) or a DC (direct current) induced plasma of various gases. In this equipment O2, N2 and Ar are used.

The CS730S is equipped with two process chambers (PC), one load chamber (LC) and one transfer chamber (TC). All chambers are pumped with turbo molecular pumps for low pressure operation.  Both process chambers, PC1 and PC2, are configured to have four targets.

While PC 1 (right process chamber) is dedicated to non-reactive deposition only, PC 2 (left process chamber) is used for both reactive sputtering of materials such as aluminium nitride or titanium nitride and non-reactive deposition. PC 2 is also equipped with a substrate heater and a generator for substrate bias.

Targets that are available for sputtering are as follows: Al, Si, Ni, Ti, Mo, W and Zr, and alternatively Cu or Ag.

Standard recipes are available to sputter these materials.

Use of any new material, for which a target is not available from MSL, must be discussed with and approved by MSL.

Tool name:
Sputter - magnetron "Von Ardenne"
3R44 - ets / tunnfilm
Thin film deposition
Von Ardenne
CS 730S

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