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This is a 5 W laser marking system working with 532 nm, pulse frequence of 1kHz-100kHz having pulse width of 2-100 ns. Top pulse power is 200 kW. The working area depend on the lens and is either 60x60 mm or 110x110 mm, having a corresponding minimum spot size of 16 µm or 26 µm. Intended use for the equipment is to pattern or cut through thin foils or wafers of different materials. Typical materials to machine are: a variety of different polymers, kapton (polyimide), copper coated polyimide, stainless steel, different ceramics, HTCC and LTCC greeen sheets, thin layers of metals (not aluminium and gold, but platinum and copper works fine), silicon, silicone, glass and diamond. Typical thickness possible to cut through are usually <200 µm. For some materials it is possible to cut deeper.

The machine can not handle:

Chlorinated polymers (like PVC)

Aluminium (this materials do not interact with 532 nm). However, if the metal is coated with a thin layer that absorbs, it can work to cut, but first check with tool responsible.

The equipment also have a vision system making it possible to do aligning.

Tool name:
Laser cutter
3R17 - MST
Backend process
AIO G+ 532 nm 5 W


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