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Measurement Technique: 3D coherence scanning interferometry, SureScan™ technology, and phase shifting interferometry

Field of View: Objective and zoom selectable

  • Objectives: 2.75x, 10x, 50x, 100x (1.0X – 100X magnification; Standard and long working distance)
  • Objective Mounting Options • Single objective dovetail • Manual Encoded 4-position turret • Motorized 4-position turret
  • Optical Zoom Motorized 3-position encoded FOV zoom • 0.5X, 1.0X, 2.0X

Part Viewing: Selectable Monochrome and Color imaging with available fringe-free viewing mode

XY, T Positioning:

  • XY Stage: 100 mm range with 0.1 μm resolution
  • XY Stage Motorized stage travel range: XY: 200 mm; Tilt: ±4 ;

Focus: Motorized manual or auto focus including through-the-lens focus aid Z-Drive

  • Z Scan Range: 150 μm with precision Piezo drive; 20 mm with extended scan
  • Z Scanner Precision: Piezo drive with Closed loop capacitance gauge control and crash protection


  • Surface Topography Repeatability1: 0.06 nm
  • Repeatability of RMS2: 0.005 nm
  • Optical Lateral Resolution3: 0.34 μm (100X objective)
  • Spatial Sampling: 0.04 μm (100X objective 2X zoom)
  • Vertical Resolution: 1.0 nm
    • (1) Surface Topography Repeatability for SmartPSI mode, 1-sec acquisition, full FOV with 3x3 median filter, in a laboratory environment.
    • (2) Repeatability of the RMS surface roughness parameter Sq, under the same conditions as for (1). Note that the repeatability of the Sq is sometimes referred to informally as "vertical resolution."
    • (3) Lateral Resolution = Sparrow criterion, objective dependent.
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3D Optical Profiler ZYGO
3R88 - ytkarakterisering
Surface analysis


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