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This UHV system is dedicated to synthesis of thin film materials by magnetron sputtering. The system is equipped with two 4” and two 2” sputtering sources in confocal configuration powered by pulsed DC or RF power supplies. Maximum substrate size is 6” in diameter, high temperature substrate holder can be used up to 1000°C with simultaneous substrate bias (RF/DC) and rotation. The system has a separately pumped load-lock chamber. Pumping system consist of a cryo pump and a dry scroll pump, the base pressure is about 1•10-8 Torr. The system is completely computer controlled with the possibility of automatic operation or manual operation through a touch screen.

Process gasses: Ar, O2, N2.

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Sputter - magnetron "Lesker"
3R72 - FTE EmEl
Thin film deposition
Kurt J. Lesker Company
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