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Tegal 110 S/DE

The Tegal 110 S/DE is a Deep Reactive Ion Etching tool (DRIE). It is primarily intended for etching deep features in silicon and silicon oxide. The tool will normally be set up for 100 mm (4") wafers. It is possible to change the wafer clamping to 150 mm (6").

We have several process recipes for silicon etching with etch rates ranging from 2 µm/min. to 20 µm/min. Besides a standard general recipe we have recipes for High Aspect Ratio Process (HAR), Super High Aspect Ratio Process (SHARP), and High Etch Rate Process (HER).

Typical selectivities for silicon etching are 80 for photo resist and 200 for silicon oxide. An aluminum mask has a very high selectivity but may cause problems with grass formation due to sputtering and redeposition of aluminum.

For silicon oxide etching the etch rate is 0.3 µm/min.

Selectivity for silicon oxide etching is 4.5 for photo resist.

Tool name:
ICP-RIE (Si-DRIE) "Tegal"
3R44 - ets / tunnfilm
Dry etch
110 S/DE
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MSL recipes:

Silicon Standard                           SI_STD_MSL_XTR

Silicon High Aspect Ratio             SI_HAR_MSL_XTR

Silicon Super High Aspect Ratio  SI_SHAR_MSL_XTR

Silicon High Etch Rate                 SI_HER_MSL_XTR

Oxide Selective                            SIO_SEL_MSL_XTR

Oxide Mask                                  SIO_MSK_MSL_XTR



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