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PT07 - Evaporator

The Lesker PVD 75 is an one chamber, high vacuum evaporation system. It is equipped with two positions for resistive evaporation and one e-beam unit with four positions. It is also equipped with one film thickness monitor for each source and a rotating substrate holder. The system is pumped with a turbo molecular pump for low pressure operation. Only non-reactive deposition allowed in this equipment.

The equipment is configured to allow somewhat relaxed conditions in terms of purity, outgassing and contamination. In addition to silicon and other semiconductors, resist covered wafers and  following substrate materials may be used:

•  polyimide (kapton)
•  PTFE laminates
•  glass reinforced hydrocarbon / ceramic laminates
•  liquid crystal polymer (LCP)
•  viton (fluoroelastomeres)

Standard materials that are allowed to evaporate are Ag, Al, Au,Cr, Cu, Ni, Pd, Pt, Ti.

Standard deposition materials, with standard process recipes can be used without prior approval by MSL. Use of any other substrate or evaporation materials which are not listed above, must be discussed with and approved by MSL.


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Evaporator - TMP (general use)
3R76v - RTP / PVD / ets
Thin film deposition
Kurt J. Lesker Company
PVD 75


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