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Zeiss LEO 1550 with Oxford AZtec EDS

High resolution FEG SEM for surface imaging equipped with an EDS system for element analysis. Equipped with InLens, SEII, and BSD detectors.

  • Schottky FEG with high current mode,
  • Acceleration voltage range: 0.2 – 30 kV, Beam deceleration providing excellent low kV imaging
  • Resolution: 1nm at 20kV, 3nm at 1kV
  • Magnification: 20-900000x
  • EDS:
    • 80mm2 Silicon Drift Detector with high sensitivity and for analysis at high count rates
    • 6.5 mm analytical working distance
    • Oxford AZtec (INCA energy) software for X-ray mapping and element analysis
  • 5-axis motorized stage (x, y, z, tilt and rotation)
  • InLens SE detector
  • Everhar-Thornley SE/BSE detector
  • Four-Quadrant BSE detector

The samples must be compatible with high vacuum.

Outgassing samples must be pre-pumped in a separate pumping system.

Powder samples must me prepared with care to avoid contamination of the gun column.

Tool name:
SEM/EDS - 1550
3R60 - SEM / FIB
Scanning electron Microscopy (SEM)


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